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DIP motors

For  zones 21 and 22

ABB offers a wide range of engines DIP both low and high voltage of 0.25 to 7,700 kW.

  • Comply with the standards and the ATEX directives as well as many other international and local regulations.
  • Low voltage motors meet the IE2 efficiency requirements
  • Ex engines td / DIP, any transmission prevents dust explosion
Protection type: D / DIP
Power 0,55 a 2.000 kW
Size IEC 71 a 560
Housing material Aluminum or Cast Iron
Number of poles 2 a 8
Voltages All commonly used voltages tension
Freqüències 50 o 60 Hz
Protection IP 55 o IP65
Protection type For protection zone type 21: Category 2, T 125 ° C, IP65
By Area 22: Category 3, T 125 ° C, IP55 or IP65
Certification Certified according to ATEX Directive